Thirty years ago, 31 people lost their lives in the worst fire the London Underground has ever seen.

Those who died included London Fire Brigade Station Officer Colin Townsley, who was overcome by smoke and fumes while trying to help a burned passenger to safety.

Many more were injured, and the psychological impact of the dreadful tragedy is still felt by many of the members of the public and emergency service workers today.

We continue to honour the memory of those who died, and acknowledge the bravery of everyone involved, and thank them for their efforts to save so many people on that dreadful night.

The following people died in the fire at King’s Cross underground station on the night of 18th November 1987:

Betty Afua Agyapong
Terrence Alonzo Best
Mark David Bryant
Andy Burdett
Elizabeth N. Byers
Treena Chappell
Dean T. Cottle
Susheila N. Cottle
Felix Dearden
Neville H. Eve
Jane A. Fairey
Natalie A. Falco
Alexander Williamson Fallon
Jonathan R. George
Kuttalam Govindarajan
Graham D. Hall
Michael Holden
Ralph Humerstone
Bernadett Kearney
M. A. Bobby Keegan
Mohammed Shoiab Khan
Marco Liberati
Philip G. Marks
Laurence V. Moran
Lawrence S. Newcombe S. R. N.
Stephen A. Parsons
Christopher Wallace Roome
Rai Singh
John F. Joseph St. Prix
Ivan Tarassenko
Station officer Colin J. Townsley G. M.