Take a step back in time and meet some notorious transport criminals of the past by looking through our rogues' gallery.

Arthur Dunn

Convicted at Leeds City Police Court on 10 February 1920 charged with theft of dead rabbits from Wellington station. Sentenced to one month imprisonment with hard labour.

Arthur Dunn, front and profile

Margaret Leck

Leck was a travelling railway thief from Kendal, Westmorland. On 21 December 1904 she stole a trunk at Edinburgh Waverley station. She was wanted by the North Eastern Railway Police and the London and North Western Railway Police for thefts of luggage.


William Slater

Slater was from Bradford and on 3 April 1917 stole a Portmanteau from Edinburgh Waverley station. He was sentenced to four months in jail.

William Slater, front and side view

Gordon Marr

Private 11446580 of the 16th Battalion Canadian Scottish Regiment (British Expeditionary Force - France), was sentenced to 10 days imprisonment for theft of a box of fish from Edinburgh Waverley station on 22 January 1918.

Gordon Marr, front and side view

Margaret McConnell

While employed at Edinburgh Waverley station, she stole parcels from an office and was fined £5 or 30 days imprisonment.

Margaret McConnell, front and side view

John Moir

On 1 April 1920 while employed as a goods checker at Leith Walk Goods Yard he stole a quantity of tea and was fined £3 or 10 days imprisonment.

John Moir, front and side view

John Yates alias John Hewitt, Patrick Hines, John Miller and John Roy

He appeared before Leeds City Police Court on 18 March 1921 charged with theft of a parcel of clothing. He was sentenced to six months imprisonment with hard labour.

John Yates, front and side view

Patrick Reilly

Reilly was convicted of cutting ladies skirts with a razor at Edinburgh Waverley station on 28 February 1918. Being insane, he was sent to Morningside Asylum.

Patrick Reilly, front and side view

Thomas Drummond

On 7 December 1918, Drummond, an employee of the North British Railway, was sentenced to 20 days imprisonment for stealing 12 bottles of whisky from a wagon.

Thomas Drummond, front and side view