British Transport Police Cadets is a uniformed youth group for those aged 13-17 who are interested in making a difference to their communities. British Transport Police Cadets meet weekly to learn policing skills and help local communities.

We currently have four groups - one in Birmingham, one in London (Islington), one in York and one in Glasgow. Young people from all backgrounds are encouraged to apply. Those aged 18 and over are eligible to become cadet leaders.

Why should I become a cadet?

If you want to help improve your local community, have an interest in finding out more about how the police work, or the law, this scheme is for you.

We also offer awards and qualifications such as the Duke of Edinburgh Award and opportunities to get involved in youth social action both on a national and international basis.

Who can join the Cadets?

Young people between 13 and 17 years old can join.

Those aged 18 and over are eligible to become a cadet leader. Being a cadet leader is an opportunity to develop your leadership skills, help young people and inspire the next policing generation.

How often do the Cadets meet?

We meet every week in term time. We expect that all cadets and cadet leaders will volunteer for a minimum of three hours per month, on average, outside of weekly meetings.

What kind of volunteering will we do?

The Cadets take part in many and varied volunteering events, from local community-based activities to occasions with a national and even international audience. Some activities that you will expect to be involved in include:

  • Independent Advisory Groups – advising police on youth issues and concerns
  • Crime prevention stands – informing the community of simple ways to say safe
  • Marching in / route lining for local parades (i.e. remembrance events)
  • Stewarding local events such as award ceremonies
  • Assisting in the provision of activities for special needs children
  • Community gardening
  • Age related test purchasing with local Trading Standards teams on railway premises
  • Crime surveys – assisting police with large scale questionnaires
  • Low level patrol on the railway network
  • Training of police officers as role players in scenarios

Will I get a uniform?

Yes, we are a uniformed youth group and the uniform is part of our identity as part of the extended policing family.

Will it help me join British Transport Police?

Joining the Cadets is not a direct entrance scheme into the police service. It will, however, give you an insight into policing, build your employability skills and will help you to make informed career choices.

Is it only for people that want a career with British Transport Police?

No. Young people join us for many different reasons many just to be able to work in their communities or gain awards and qualifications.

Can I still join if I have been in trouble with the police?

Yes, depending on the seriousness of the trouble you have been in. We try to provide an all-inclusive programme and will support young people who want to make a change.

How do I apply?

To apply to be a cadet or cadet leader please email [email protected].