British Transport Police have had a national volunteering scheme since 2011. The purpose of volunteers is to provide a force-wide function that will enable officers to focus more on front line responsibilities and police staff to focus more on priority work streams.

In return, BTP support individuals in the scheme to gain new skills and experiences through volunteering with a police force.

Benefits for Volunteers

The volunteering scheme provides the following benefits for participants:

  • Gain new skills and experiences in order to enhance a CV
  • Make a difference to their community and contribute to the work of a national police force
  • Utilise existing skills/areas of expertise in a productive way
  • Meet new people
  • Gain an insight into policing, should they be considering a career in the field

Benefits for BTP

The volunteering scheme brings the following benefits to BTP:

  • Volunteers donate their time and enthusiasm to the organisation and provide support and assistance that increase BTP’s capacity and enable departments to focus on priority work streams/projects
  • Volunteers add to the diversity of the BTP workforce and often bring a new perspective or set of skills to a team/department
  • Volunteers can assist in any department, providing it is not replacing a paid job, and that they are appropriately vetted and trained to do so


For further enquiries, please email:

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