"It is remarkable to see what people can rise to when these terrible disasters occur," said HRH The Prince of Wales as he presented commendations to 46 people and organisations involved in the aftermath of the Paddington rail crash.

Commended for helping others to escape: Anthony Jasper

Among the people commended for their efforts in the aftermath of the crash was Anthony Jasper, a passenger on one of the trains, who wrapped clothing around damaged overhead electrical cables draped over the train to isolate them.

Anthony then helped some 25 passengers to escape from the train, before climbing on top of the carriage of the other train. Here, he reached in through an open window and physically lifted another 40 passengers out of the overturned carriage.

Prince speaks of 'remarkable actions'

Also commended were passengers who helped in the rescue, some of them having been seriously injured themselves; two members of the public who rushed to the scene to help; Barlby Road Primary School, which opened as a survivor reception centre; and Sainsbury's supermarket, where over 100 people received treatment.

Awards also went to BTP staff involved in the response to and investigation of the collision, together with two chaplains from the Railway Mission.

The Prince also made special mention of the families of the 31 people who died, many of whom were at the ceremony: "I can imagine only too well the appalling grief of the families."

Speaking at the commendation ceremony at Kensington Town Hall on Wednesday, 7 February 2001, His Royal Highness went on to say: "I was touched and proud to be asked by the Chief Constable to present these very special awards.

"How moved I was to read the descriptions of what they all did. Without their remarkable actions, I dare say the results would have been infinitely worse."

'Many heroic and valiant acts'

BTP's Chief Constable, David Williams, spoke of 'the many heroic and valiant acts carried out by passengers and members of the public, and outstanding work by police officers in the 5th October 1999, and on-going since that day.'

"We also remember the work of the Metropolitan Police Service, London Ambulance Service and London Fire Brigade, with whom we worked side by side."

Chief Constable Williams went on to highlight the actions of those who 'fearlessly, tirelessly and self-lessly put the desperate needs of others far and away above any personal considerations.'


The following people received Chief Constable's Commendations for their efforts following the 1999 Paddington rail crash.

Assisted others to escape:

Mark Bestwick
Sean Cornes
Scott Dicker
Mark Fisher
Gerald Gough
Richard Handover
Anthony Jasper

Performed acts of rescue:

Martin Brennan
Martin Comberbach
Rudie Coppieters
Christopher Goodall
Wayne Levy
Atif Radwan
Philip Scotcher

Assisted, aided and supported fellow passengers:

Andrew Cowgill
Bruce Creed
Anthony Knox
Mark Legg
Richard Nelson
Lee Tyack

Response by members of the public:

Edward Brown
Maria Gouveia

Response by organisations:

Sainsbury's supermarket, Ladbroke Grove
Barlby Road Primary School

Initial police response:

Inspector Willie Baker
Constable Philip Hammond
Former Acting Superintendent Brian Coleman
Inspector Theresa Ferguson

Police search teams:

Sergeant Rae Jiggins
Sergeant Duncan Manners
Constable Derek Worsfold
Constable Andrew Darke
Constable Christopher Price

Post incident personnel:

Chief Inspector Bob Pacey
Sergeant Dave Humphryes
The Reverend Miles Mitson
The Reverend Keith Griffiths
Sue Maxfield, Force Welfare Officer
Chief Inspector Alan Clark


Detective Superintendent Nick Bracken
Detective Superintendent Alan Pacey
Constable Robert Staveley-Brown
Detective Inspector Chris Connell
Detective Chief Inspector Mark Smith
Former Detective Sergeant Ken Buckley
Force HQ Scenes of Crime Department
Superintendent Tony Thompson