PACT (Police and Communities Together) meetings are held regularly by your Neighbourhood Policing Team. Members of the public are always welcome to attend.

Your local Neighbourhood Policing Team holds regular meetings with members of the community, station staff, retailers and representatives from train operating companies to help determine how policing issues in your area can best be tackled.

These meetings give officers the opportunity to talk to passengers about current issues, and together they set the policing priorities for their neighbourhood. 

What happens at a PACT meeting?

Local issues are identified and policing priorities are set. Usually, a Neighbourhood Policing Team will have a maximum of three priorities.

Working with representatives from the local community, our officers will plan how best to engage with the local community and how to fulfil each priority.

Officers will also explain what actions have been taken to resolve issues and together with the community representatives, a decision will be made on whether a priority has been successfully dealt with.

How often do PACT meetings take place?

Depending on the size of your neighbourhood PACT meetings can take place quarterly, or as often as once a month.

Visit your Local BTP team page to find out when the next meeting is taking place near you.