If someone you know has gone missing or you’ve seen, or have information about, a missing person, please get in touch. Find out below how to get help from the police and other organisations.

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Report a missing person in immediate danger

Thank you. Please call 999 now.

Please have the following information ready, if possible:

  • date and time the person was last seen and who by
  • what they were wearing when they were last seen
  • their description, such as height, colouring, marks or scars
  • their address
  • any family, friends, or places they often go
  • do they have access to a car? If yes, please have the registration number, if possible
  • other means of transport (do they have a bus or rail card?)
  • any enquiries that have been made to find out the person's whereabouts
  • any vulnerabilities they have, such as medical needs or a disability?
  • why you consider them to be in immediate danger
  • their date of birth
  • their mobile phone number and details of any social media accounts

Even if you’re not sure, we'd rather hear from you and make the decision ourselves.