Each of the areas we police have set up their own Independent Advisory Group (IAG).

We have set up independent advisory groups in different regions to help us engage with communities, develop our plans and to act as critical friends reviewing our activity and operations.

IAGs help ensure our policing style reflects the needs of the whole community by:

  • observing operations
  • acting as consultants about our activities
  • commenting on how what we do may impact on communities
  • assisting with the development of our local policing plans
  • advising us on how actions are interpreted by members of the public.

They also have a role in providing practical help on 'critical incidents' (those that are likely to have a particular impact within a community).

The groups help to boost community confidence in what we do. They ensure the delivery of fair policing services for everyone, and reach out to communities, providing reassurance about the way we police to groups we may otherwise find hard to reach.

Each group meets four times a year and is formed of independent volunteers, from a wide range of backgrounds, communities and diversity groups. Panel members are not paid to perform the role, but are reimbursed for associated costs such as travel.

Independent advisory group contacts

To get involved with your local independent advisory group, please contact the relevant officer for your area:


Ryan Tierney: [email protected]


David Rams: [email protected]


Inspector Maninder Gill: [email protected]


Chief Inspector John Angell: John.An[email protected] 


Richard Powell: [email protected]

Greater London

Callum Walker:  [email protected]