What happens to bikes left to rot in the racks?

11 June 2015
Continuing the blog is PC Carl Palmer at our new police station in Stevenage, Hertfordshire.
Do you use your bike to get to your station? Do you make sure it's secure when you leave it in the racks? Join in the discussion in the comments below.

PC Carl Palmer

A lot of us leave our bikes at the station on our way to work, but believe it or not some bikes are left there for much longer than just one day. Bike at Nuneaton

We’re responsible for policing Govia Thameslink, running from Hertfordshire and Bedfordshire all the way through London down in to Brighton. The cycle racks at some of the stations across the network had become graveyard of bikes – some of them hadn’t been touched by their owners for months. It can be a big problem for passengers who use the racks daily and have trouble finding a decent spot to secure their bike.

Eventually, after a good deal of warning given, we removed the bikes that had long been left to rust by their owners and put in to storage nearby.

Now, there’s a chance some of these bikes may have been stolen in the area, so I worked with fellow officer PC Faith Woodstock took on the painstaking task of recording, photographing and cross-referencing each bike against our crime database. A lot of them didn’t return any results. So who would benefit from the bikes left over?

The answer came in the form of a local charity in Stevenage which helps disadvantaged children with life skills. With the help of Hertfordshire PCSO Ron Treadwell, Govia Thameslink and Hertfordshire Constabulary more than 80 bikes were donated to The Wheels Project

Kevin Jones of The Wheels Project thanked us for the donation; he told us the bikes will go a long way to help establish a new project and get children in the area develop their cycling skills. 

Remember to look after your bike properly if you're leaving it at a station; use a good, strong lock and get it security marked.

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