35 arrests during crack down on thieves in London

35 arrests during crack down on thieves and pickpockets in London

Published: Friday, 5 July 2013

  • Operation Magnum, a day of action involving BTP, Metropolitan Police and TfL, aimed to tackle pickpocketing, snatch thefts and luggage thefts across London stations.
  • Over 400 officers and London Underground Revenue Inspectors conducted patrols between 5am and 11pm on Wednesday, 3 July as part of our long-term Op Magnum initiative.
PC and PCSO on London Underground

More than 40 police staff handed out crime prevention leaflets advising passengers on how to protect themselves from thieves. They were also on hand to help people register their electrical gadgets to immobilise.com, a website that helps police return lost or stolen items to their owner.

During the operation 35 people were arrested across London.

Chief Superintendent Paul Brogden, who led the operation, said: “Op Magnum is a long term initiative that aims to reduce theft by disrupting and deterring thieves who target unsuspecting commuters and tourists. We want to create a hostile environment for thieves, making it as difficult as we can for them to operate on any part of the railway network.

“The Op Magnum day of action was held in London and at stations across the country and involved using a range of tactics to deter criminals from preying on the travelling public, including intelligence-led patrols by uniformed officers and plain-clothes theft squad detectives.

“At the same time, the operation was about educating members of the public about how they can best look after their property on crowded trains. Always remember to keep your luggage close by and check on it regularly. Keep your valuables hidden if you’re going to sleep on a train and always zip up any hand or shoulder bags.

“Mobile phones are a popular target for thieves so always keep it hidden. Installing a tracker application on your smartphone could help trace your device if it’s stolen.”

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