Patrol with us

Police Patrol Observation Scheme

Our Police Patrol Observation Scheme provides you with the opportunity to follow police officers for a single shift. It is open to applicants aged 16 and above. Whether you are thinking about a job working with the police or you have a general interest in the day to day work that we do, the Police Patrol Observation Scheme is an excellent way to find out. To find out more please contact us at

Before being offered a Patrol Observation, applicants will undergo a number of checks. Having an offence on record will not automatically exclude you from taking part - each applicant will be treated on a case by case basis. If you are successful, you will be contacted by a member of staff from one of the teams who will arrange the observation with you.

All Patrol Observation experiences are risk-assessed to ensure that your personal safety is not compromised.

Stop and Search

If you have been stopped and searched on at least three occasions in a six month period you can request a review by emailing A review of the fairness and legitimacy of your search will be carried out.

Requests will be reviewed by the Stop and Search Inspector who will notify you of the outcome in writing. Reviews can also be requested by a third party such as MP, local councillor, community group, or a carer for a vulnerable person or for someone with disabilities that would prevent you from requesting a case review yourself.

A third party can only request a review on your behalf if they have your consent. Checks will be made to ensure that third party requests are genuine; and you will be contacted to ensure that you are happy with the request being made.

What are we doing if no one asks for a review?

Where personal details are provided we will check our police systems to carry out a review of any people that have been stopped and searched on at least three occasions in a six month period. We will then inform them of the outcome in writing.