We use CCTV as a tool to help us keep the public safe and catch those suspected of criminal activity on the railways.

With the help of CCTV, we can:

  • Monitor potentially hazardous situations
  • Identify and follow suspects
  • Provide powerful evidence in court
  • Boost public confidence with cameras acting as a deterrent


We have access to 55,000 via a London-based CCTV Hub where we download images to create evidence packages, and identify suspects. We can also track individuals in real time where we have intelligence to suspect them.

Our team of crime reduction officers advise railway businesses on their CCTV needs and we work closely with them to ensure that we are able to get any new images into the hub.

Railway operators own and manage CCTV systems. In London, the Network Rail system covers 15 mainline stations with 1,800 cameras that record continuously. A dedicated retrieval suite employs specialist staff who manage the archiving, integrity and preservation of recordings and help our officers interpret the video captured.

London Underground operates over 12,000 cameras on its stations and trains. These cameras are managed and recorded locally and in many instances can also be viewed in the BTP Hub where we develop intelligence about particular locations and suspects.

How we use CCTV

Our aim is to use CCTV in a responsible way. This includes respecting the privacy of others, and using or storing only the footage we need to aid our investigations or operations.

Body-worn video cameras

Our body-worn video cameras provide a deterrent against anti-social behaviour and other incidents, and provide us with a way to gather evidence for the courts.

How the cameras are used

Our body-worn video (BWV) cameras help reduce crime on the railway by:

  • Acting as a robust deterrent to antisocial behaviour
  • Detecting crime
  • Prosecuting more people efficiently: the footage is used as evidence in court
  • Helping officers to identify suspects: video footage can be used in media appeals
  • Officers spending more time out in the community and less time in court and on paperwork
  • Aiding community engagement.

BWV footage has been used to provide stronger evidence in court which, in turn, increases guilty pleas and helps secure stronger sentences.

Body worn camera

Improving policing and deterring crime

BWV cameras will be used when there is an evidence gathering opportunity. They can help to:

  • Ensure processes are fair and transparent
  • Support  public confidence
  • Improve the criminal justice process by providing additional evidence in the form of BWV footage of incidents attended all over the UK.”

BWV will seek to achieve the following key strategic benefits:

  • Increase the capture of best evidence at the scene of a crime or incident
  • Increase officer confidence and empowerment
  • Increase wider public confidence
  • Reduce number of complaints


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