How we tackle crime

We face a wide variety of issues across the rail network. Here you can find out more about how we tackle crime to make the rail environment safer for passengers and staff.

Cable theft and metal theft Cable theft and metal theft ›

Cable theft causes widespread disruption. We take a hardline against those who steal cable or sell it on.

Trespass & vandalism Trespass & vandalism ›

Trespass and vandalism cause millions of pounds worth of damage and puts lives in danger.

Pickpocketing Pickpocketing ›

Thieves use a variety of tactics and distractions to relieve you of your personal items - don't become a victim.

Terrorism Terrorism ›

We use an extensive range of tactics to counter the threat of terrorism.

Begging Begging ›

Our response to begging on board trains and at stations.

Sexual offences Sexual offences ›

We are committed to reducing the number of offences and catching offenders quickly.

Rail staff Rail staff ›

We're determined to provide a safe working environment for all rail staff.

Football Football ›

We target the small minority of football fans who exhibit anti-social or criminal behaviour.

Crossings Crossings ›

Level crossing misuse puts lives at risk. Find out how we are tackling it.

Firearms Firearms ›

We've developed a firearms team to increase the protection we can offer passengers.