Chief Inspector Sue Maxwell

Sue has been with BTP for 27 years and is currently based at Edinburgh. She was the first female Chief Inspector in Scotland.

CI Sue Maxwell

“I always wanted to be a police officer and having served in the Royal Military Police it felt like a natural progression and I joined BTP in 1990.

“I started off as a PC in Liverpool and transferred to Scotland in 1994. Throughout my service I’ve carried out a number of roles including time in the criminal investigation department, learning and development, neighbourhood policing and duty officer in both Scotland and England. In that time I also took a career break and did a sports scholarship in America.

“In my time with BTP there have been a lot of changes. When I started, women had to wear skirts, irrespective of their duties and we had smaller truncheons than the men so they could fit in our handbags!

“There has also been a significant increase in the number of women not only coming into the service, but staying in the service and progressing through the ranks or moving between specialist departments.

“A lot of my spare time is spent with my four year old daughter, but I have also recently taken up golf.

“I think it’s important that there are female role models in the police and International Women’s Day gives an opportunity to showcase and celebrate the achievement and contribution that women have made.

“My Chief Inspector promotion board fell on International Women’s Day last year so this day will always have a personal significance to me!”