Roll of Honour (Line of Duty)

Our Roll of Honour pays tribute to our officers who died in the line of duty. See also our Roll of Honour for officers who died during World World One and World War Two.

British Transport Police Roll of Honour

Name Date of Death Rank Cause
BAILEY Charles William 21/02/1924 DC Accident
BAINBRIDGE Henry 20/05/1908 PS Accident
BALLARD Charles 30/03/1900 PC Accident
BARKER George Edward 08/05/1941 PC Enemy Action
BEALES George 21/10/1896 PC Accident
BELL Leonard Percy 01/08/1940 PC Enemy Action
BIRRELL Sidney Henry 13/09/1956 PC Accident
BOGOMOLETZ Vassili 06/12/2005 PC Misadventure
BURKE Charles Matthew 07/10/1940 PC Accident
COATES William Herbet 24/12/1941 PC Accident
COCKWILL John 12/08/1942 PC Enemy Action
DICKSON John 12/01/1842 PC Accident
DISS Albert 22/12/1912 PC Accident
FOSTER Harold 24/12/1907 PC Accident
FURBY William Francis 15/11/1924 PC Accident
GOATMAN William 18/02/1860 PC Accident
HAYNES Alfred 19/08/1934 PC Misadventure
HIBBS Thomas 10/08/1901 DC Act of Violence
JAMES Michael 29/11/1956 PC Accident
JONES Charles 18/01/1840 PC Natural Causes
KIDD Robert 24/09/1895 DS Act of Violence
LEEFE George William 26/03/1907 PC Act of Violence
LINGARD John Arthur 22/09/1914 SC Accident
LOOM Frederick William 19/01/1913 PC Accident
LOXTON Aaron 24/02/1859 PC Accident
MacRAE Peter 15/11/1935 PC Misadventure
MARSH Alfred 12/01/1898 PC Act of Violence
McLAFFERTY James 01/10/1954 CI Natural Causes
McMILLAN Walter 25/01/1960 PC Misadventure
MOORE Ernest 04/12/1906 PC Accident
MURDOCH David Tanner 20/12/1938 PC Accident
OLIVER Robert Pryce 17/02/1987 Insp Natural Causes
PEARCE Joseph 19/12/1856  PC Act of Violence
PIKE John Edwin 07/12/1938 PC Accident
PROUDFOOT Alan 20/12/1938 PC Accident
RACE William 22/07/1940 PC Accident
ROBINSON Raymond 29/08/1975 PS Natural Causes
RUSTON William 04/05/1912 PC Misadventure
SCUDDAMORE John 04/11/1858 PC Accident
SEDMAN Thomas William 12/09/1923 PC Accident
SMITH Harry James 15/07/1941 PC Enemy Action
SMITH Robert William 29/04/1942 PC Enemy Action
STAMP John 14/07/1911 PC Natural Causes
STEBBINGS John Thomas 21/10/1899 PC Accident
TAYLOR Arthur, John 17/04/1941 PC Enemy Action
TYRELL Charles Albert 30/11/1950 PC Natural Causes
WETHERALL Leonard 03/11/1927 PC Accident
WHINN George Dodds 28/01/1932 PC Accident
WINTER Keith 23/11/1970 PC Accident
WOODS John Francis 08/05/1941 PC Enemy Action
YELLOP William                          07/09/1901 PC Accident


Causes of death

The classes of death used in this Roll of Honour are:

  • Acts of Violence: includes all forms of unlawful killing (murder, manslaughter etc).
  • Misadventure: refers to death resulting from accidental injury incurred in the performance of a duty involving special risks (e.g. rescue etc).
  • Accident: refers to death resulting from accidental injury whilst on duty.
  • Enemy Action: refers to death resulting from injuries incurred during wartime air raids.
  • Death by Natural Causes: included if it occurred while performing a particular duty which contributed to the death (e.g. heart attack whilst chasing a suspect). Officers on duty who have died of natural causes in ordinary circumstances are not included.


In each case the details of the death have been confirmed and checked against at least two sources. Where conflicting information was found, further research was conducted until a reasoned judgement as to accuracy could be made.

The names included in the Roll of Honour have been gathered from various sources. In many cases the starting point was the list of names provided by Anthony Rae, who masterminded the National Police Roll of Honour and who took a great deal of information from his detailed study of the long-standing magazine Police Review.

Kevin Gordon provided much information from BTP records with some additions by Viv Head from his study of railway and dock policing in South Wales.