You vs. Train - trespass prevention campaign

A rail-industry initiative, targeting teenagers and encouraging them to consider the serious and devastating consequences for them and their loved ones when they make the potentially life-changing decision to ignore warnings and go onto the railway tracks.

At the heart of the You Vs Train campaign is the story of Tom Hubbard – a young boy who suffered life-changing injuries in 2014 when he was electrocuted by the overhead power cables. Tom suffered third degree burns across 57% of his body and he has been left to deal with the serious physical and psychological consequences ever since.



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You vs. Train

Hundreds of people each year unintentionally take on the railway and lose.

1The railway is full of hidden dangers. If you’re not hit by an unexpected train, you’ll be hit by the lethal current in the rails and power lines.

You will be killed or left with catastrophic, life-changing injuries. And your friends and family will be left with the brutal consequences. Everyone loses against this opponent.

Everyone loses when you step on the track.


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