Report it to Stop It

Tackling all forms of unwanted sexual behaviour on the railway is a priority for us. We take any offence of this nature extremely seriously and we are committed to developing a transport network which is free from harassment and accessible to everyone.

Your safety is our priority.

Sexual offences is the term used for a variety of crimes, including sexual touching, exposure, sexual comments or any other form of unwanted sexual behaviour.

We encourage you to report anything that makes you feel uncomfortable. This includes rubbing, leering, sexual comments, indecent acts, groping, masturbation, taking photos of a sexual nature without your consent.

Report it to Stop It is a campaign to encourage passengers to report unwanted sexual behaviour to the police.


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Report anything that makes you feel uncomfortable. You might think it’s too trivial to report but no one should be made to feel uncomfortable on their journey. Your report will help us to stop it happening again.

Every report builds a picture


A new phase of the campaign ‘Every Report Builds a Picture’ has been launched which emphasises how your report can make a difference – by collating sexual offences on the railway we can use these to piece together the identity of the offender and bring them to justice.

The campaign was updated after research showed that many people weren’t sure anything could be done to catch an offender once a report of unwanted sexual behaviour had been made to the police.

‘Every Report Builds a Picture’ demonstrates how multiple reports form a ‘picture’ of the offender and can lead to their arrest and prosecution.

If you experience unwanted sexual behaviour we want you to report it.

No incident or detail is too small or trivial – report anything that makes you feel uncomfortable.

What has happened is not your fault. We will always take you seriously and treat you with respect.

Report any unwanted sexual behaviour as soon as possible. Text 61016 or call 0800 40 50 40.

What we’re doing:

  • We will do everything in our power to bring the offender to justice.
  • We can use your information to make sure our officers are in the right place at the right time to help prevent it happening to someone else.
  • We combat sexual offences by establishing patterns and utilising plain clothes and uniformed police officers.
  • We use high profile policing strategies to deter offenders and maintain peace of mind for passengers.
  • We publish details of successful prosecutions.

Contact Us

To report a crime or incident, call

0800 40 50 40

or text 61016

In an emergency call 999

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