'Be Aware' campaign (August 2013)

Thieves use a variety of tactics and distractions to relieve you of your personal items. Our 'Be Aware' campaign is designed to help rail passengers keep valuables safe from pickpockets, gadget-grabbers and luggage thieves.

Be Aware - a guide to thieves' tactics

As part of a nationwide operation, we produced 13 video clips to help the public spot the most common tricks thieves use.

The campaign is designed to support a long-term policing operation called Operation Magnum, which aims to tackle the 16% rise in theft at stations and on trains across Britain in 2012/13.

Our officers regularly hold anti-theft surgeries to hand out crime prevention leaflets to the public, and to help people register their electrical gadgets on immobilise.com.

Vital statistics

Although the operation is in its early stages, indications are that it is having an impact, with the total number of thefts across England, Scotland and Wales between June and August this year down 9.5% compared to the same period last year.


Download samples of our posters in English and Welsh versions below. All samples are in PDF format.


Gadget-grabbers (gadget theft)

Luggage-lifters (luggage theft)