Railway Safety Accreditation Scheme

The Railway Safety Accreditation Scheme (RSAS) allows us to accredit employees of organisations involved in railway safety and security, which helps our officers to concentrate on their frontline duties.

BTP officer with Southeastern rail staff

Our accreditation scheme helps us to tackle low level crime and anti-social behaviour, improve intelligence and maximise public confidence.

Specifically, RSAS-accredited organisations and employees help us by:

  • Exercising limited powers that help us to tackle incivilities and anti social behaviour. 
  • Providing a high-visibility presence on the railway, reducing crime and reassuring passengers.
  • Addressing certain issues immediately, without involving a police officer.
  • Helping to solve local issues: accredited rail staff can help share information, allowing us to address and prioritise issues affecting local railway communities.

RSAS Scheme Members

Currently there are six train operating companies and multiple security companies that are accredited by our scheme: Transport for London (TfL), SouthEastern Trains, Southern/GTR, South West Trains, East Midlands Trains, Virgin Trains East Coast, STM Security, Carlisle Security, MAN Commercial Protection, Churchill Security, Ultimate Security, Land Sheriffs, Pro-Active Recruitment and Black Diamond Security.

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Benefits of RSAS Benefits of RSAS ›

RSAS helps us to build a safer and more secure rail network for both employees and passengers.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) ›

The following FAQs explain more about our Railway Safety Accreditation Scheme (RSAS) and what it means for you.

RSAS process RSAS process ›

Applicants must go through a six-stage process for accreditation.








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For more information on RSAS, please contact the Complementary Policing team on 0207 521 6324.