Help police beat anti-social behaviour in the West Midlands

'See Something, Say Something' in the West Midlands

Rail passengers in the West Midlands can now report anti-social behaviour via text, in a new scheme to help crack down on anti-social behaviour across the network.

See Something Say Something West Midlands

The 'See Something, Say Something' scheme, which has already proved a huge success on the West Midlands bus and tram network, now includes the rail network across the West Midlands.

It means rail, bus and tram passengers can text information directly to police and transport chiefs, helping them to crack down on anti-social behaviour across all three modes of transport.

Report anti-social behaviour in the West Midlands

If you see any nuisance behaviour during your rail journey, text ‘rail’ followed by a space and then details of the incident including time, date, location and route number to 83010.

Alternatively, visit website or by calling Freefone 0800 40 50 40.

In the case of an urgent crime or an emergency, always dial 999.

Offences down by more than 65%

'See Something, Say Something' was originally launched on the bus network in 2008.

It has helped the Partnership - which includes British Transport Police, West Midlands Police, transport authority Centro and transport operators - cut offences on the public transport network by more than 65 per cent over the last five years.

Report anti-social behaviour, West Midlands, See Something Say SomethingSergeant Chris Casey said: “Recorded anti-social behaviour on trains in the Centro region was halved last year, but we know that often passengers don’t report events that disrupt their journeys.

“This includes things like people playing music, putting their feet on seats and generally acting in an unacceptable manner. Generally, people often think it’s too minor to call the police for.

Tactics used by the Safer Travel Partnership include high visibility and covert patrols, the deployment of specially trained drugs sniffer dogs, 'Gateway' operations to blanket-check specific routes and the use of hi-tech 'Invariance' equipment which links in to on-board bus CCTV cameras to beam live images to hand-held screens in nearby police cars.

The Safer Travel Partnership also works with schools across the region to raise awareness among pupils about personal safety and the effects of nuisance behaviour and crime.

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To report a crime or incident, call

0800 40 50 40

or text 61016

In an emergency call 999