Search dogs receive VIP treatment at Olympic ‘dog hotel’

Search dogs receiving VIP treatment at Olympic ‘dog hotel’

After a busy shift protecting the public at the Olympic park, our explosive search dogs received rest and recuperation at a new accommodation centre in east London.

Olympic 'Dog Hotel'

The four-legged residents spent their time off-duty being cared for by eight BTP volunteers who were managed by police dog instructors, and who were specially recruited to undertake dog husbandry duties at the centre.

Protecting the rail network

“The dogs and their handlers worked long hours to help protect thousands of visitors during the Games,” says Sergeant Bill Pearson from the Explosive Search Dogs Section.

“With trains arriving into the Olympic Park every 13.5 seconds at peak times, the search dogs had a vital role to play in protecting the rail network and keeping it free from disruption.

“The ‘dog hotel’ is where the dogs resided in between duties, and was designed to keep them rested, and in tip-top condition for their next shift.

The dogs undertook continuous training during their stay to ensure that their detection skills remained exceptional.

An air-conditioned isolation room was also put in place to house any dogs that became unwell, and to reduce any spread of infection to their canine colleagues.

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Watch our Explosive Search Dogs Section video to find out how our search dogs help us to keep the railways safe.

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