Every theft tweeted over 24 hours to highlight thieves’ tactics

Published: Thursday, 5 December

BTP will tweet every passenger property theft on the railways reported over the previous 24 hours using the hashtag #EveryXmasTheft.

Christmas Magnum Carousel

The tweets will be broadcast on the @btp_uk account ‘as live’ at the exact time a theft was reported 24 hours earlier. The marathon tweets are to highlight to passengers the importance of looking after personal belongings and valuables over the Christmas period.

The day-long live tweet is part of Operation Magnum, a campaign to help rail passengers keep their possessions safe from pickpockets, gadget-grabbers and luggage thieves.

The nationwide operation was launched to tackle the 16% rise in theft at stations and on trains across Britain last year.

Chief Constable Andy Trotter said: “

“Twitter is a useful tool to highlight these thefts, but we’d remind anyone not to use Twitter to report crime; instead call 0800 40 50 40 or text 61016.”

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