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In an emergency you should always call 999

Report a CrimeI'd like to report a Crime  

Please note: This form should be used if you have been a victim of a crime directly.





Report a crime on behalf of a victim

On Behalf of a Victim

Please note: This form is should be used if you are reporting the crime on behalf of a victim of crime.

If you were involved yourself directly, please complete the form above.





Your report will be reviewed in line with our screening process to determine the seriousness, solvability and if a police investigation is proportionate, therefore not all reported incidents and crimes will be investigated.

If you are reporting a crime, please ensure you select and complete the correct form and supply as much information as possible.

If you are reporting multiple crimes, please complete individual forms for each.

Once you have completed the form, please email it to

If you have problems downloading the crime recording form to your computer please use the email address shown on the form, to provide all the appropriate details of the crime as required by the form.