General complaints

If you have a general complaint about how we are run, please complete the general complaints form.


We would like to hear from you if you have:

  • An issue with our operational policing policies (where there is no issue of conduct)
  • An issue with our organizational decisions
  • A general policing standards complaint within the Force
  • Operational management decisions (where there is no issue of conduct)  

Complain online

General complaints form

Complain by post

If you prefer to contact us in writing, include the general issue which you would like to make the complaint about and send it together with your name and contact details to:
Professional Standards Department
British Transport Police
25 Camden Road
London NW1 9LN
Alternatively call 0207 830 8828 for more information.

Handling your complaint

The chief constable and the British Transport Police Authority are responsible for dealing with complaints about the direction and control of the Force.
All complaints are recorded and sent to the chief officer or another individual acting on their behalf.

We will send the complainant a formal letter explaining the decision we make as a result of our investigation in to the issue raised.

We may invite you to a meeting so we can give you a full explanation of the decision.

We cannot pass sensitive information on to the complainant.

Timings for complaints

We will handle complaints within 28 days of receiving them. If we need to review one of our policies as a result of the complaint, then this may affect the time taken to reply.

We will keep you informed throughout the process and let you know of any developments in the investigation.

Information about complaints

Our performance is continually monitored by the British Transport Police Authority (BTPA). Four times a year, we give BTPA information about the complaints we receive to ensure our services are improved where necessary.