PC Mohtasim Pal

PC Mohtasim Pal has had a truly varied career in BTP. He started his journey back in 2011 as a Special Constable, before becoming a Police Community Support Officer (PCSO).

Mohtasim then applied to become a Police Officer and has been working as a PC in London for the last three years.

 He said: “I’ve always wanted to join the police, but it was while I was at college doing a computer course that my mum encouraged me to apply. I took the first step and applied to be a Special Constable with BTP.

“I chose BTP in particular as it’s unique. It’s a national police force and with that comes opportunities to have different experiences. Even though I’m based in London, I’ve worked all across the country for events, which is something I may not have had the chance to do in another force.

“Every day is different and you don’t know what you’re going to deal with. It could be giving a tourist directions one moment to being at the scene of a major incident the next.

Quote-2 The experiences you have and the people you work with are what makes the job. It’s truly the best job I’ve ever had and I would never change it. qupte

- PC Mohtasim Pal


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