PC Malik Hussain

First joining as a Special Constable at 19, Malik Hussain has been with BTP for 4 years. Now a PC, Malik describes his experience of joining the Force and the challenges of being a Police Constable at Birmingham New Street.

My role as Special Constable was a huge driver in my decision to go to university, gain a degree in policing and law and join BTP as fully fledged Officer.  Being a Special first allowed me to understand what policing involves and what standards are expected of BTP Officers.

I got great hands-on experience supporting the team at Birmingham New Street and with their encouragement joined the recruitment process.  After an eight week wait I was invited to an assessment centre. I was tasked with delivering a presentation and a written report. I was also tested using a competency based interview and verbal reasoning task. The final hurdle was the medical examination, which I passed and shortly after I was invited back to join the training programme in London.

Being based back in New Street Station made the transition in to the role very easy, I am surrounded by a great team, we all are working to the same goal – the public’s safety comes first and we are prepared to do what is needed to ensure that.

PC Malik Hussain
Quote-2 I've been given opportunities to progress and encouraged to apply for the fast track scheme to Inspector. qupte 

- PC Malik Hussain

Being at New Street I have learnt so much and carried out some complex investigations with successful outcomes which I am very proud of. 

However there is always something new to learn and when I am ready to apply for the fast track scheme I’ll have the full backing of my team; having an Inspector that wants to support his team with their development is fantastic. 

For anyone considering policing as a career, do your research. Understanding what you may have to face is really important, speak to serving Officers or join as Special Constable. It can be demanding, and presents its own unique challenges. Communication skills are a massive asset; I’ve often had to talk people down and build a rapport with them. It takes time and experience to understand how to manage these kinds of situations and it’s a vital part of what we do.

I am really proud to be a BTP Officer.

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