Victims of crime

If you become a victim of crime, we're here to help you. Once you've told us about it, we will keep you informed of every stage of our investigation and put you in touch with support services.

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Our promise to victims of crime

  • We will ensure all victims of crime (including those who are vulnerable and/or intimidated) are given the highest level of care and support
  • We will give you a Victim of crime leaflet advising you of what to expect.
  • While we investigate the crime you have reported, we will keep you informed of our progress every step of the way.
  • We will let you know about any developments in your case as quickly as we can, in accordance with the time frames laid out in the Victim’s Code of Practice.
  • If there are any changes to your case, or if we decide to stop actively investigating it, we will give you a full explanation about how we arrived at our decision.
    We will put you in touch with support organisations who can give you specialist care.
  • We will regularly review how we care for victims of crime to make sure we are complying with the Victims’ Code of Practice.
  • If we have enough evidence to charge the suspect, we will put you in touch with you local Witness Care Unit who will look after you through to the conclusion of the case.

Full details of the guidelines we follow can be found in The Code of Practice for Victims of Crime which is available in several languages.

Disclosure of information

If your case has been closed, you can request certain information.

  • For Victims of Crime in England and Wales please click here
  • For Victims of Crime in Scotland please click here

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