Travelling safely

Our main priority is keeping you safe. We want you to feel confident as you travel on the rail network. Here you can find out what you need to be aware of when travelling so you can guard against potential hazards.

Personal safety Personal safety ›

Our safety recommendations will help you prepare for your journey and stay safe while you travel.

Your property Your property ›

We're doing everything we can to reduce instances of thefts and pickpocketing and you can protect yourself too.

Bicycle security Bicycle security ›

Visit one of our cycle surgery events for advice on keeping your bicycle safe and secure.

Vehicle security Vehicle security ›

Follow our tips to keep your vehicle safe and secure when parking in public spaces.

ATM security ATM security ›

Many stations provide ATM machines for passengers. Follow our tips to protect yourself and your money.

Children Children ›

Prepare children for travelling alone by following our safety advice.

Enthusiasts Enthusiasts ›

We've put together some hints and tips for rail enthusiasts.


Find out what to do if you are given a penalty notice for disorder.

Crossings Crossings ›

Level crossings can be dangerous places. Follow our safety advice.