Level crossing safety

When using a level crossing, it's important that you ensure your safety and behave responsibly, as they can be dangerous if they are not used correctly.

Level crossing safety

There are over 7,000 level crossings across the UK railway network. There are several different types of level crossing, but regardless of which one you use, our safety message remains the same: be sensible and adhere to warning signs.

Stay safe at level crossings

  • As you approach the crossing, be ready to stop behind the white line if the lights begin to flash.
  • Only cross when the barriers are fully raised and the lights go off, or when you are granted permission by an operator.
  • If the red lights keep flashing after a train has passed, wait – another train is coming.
  • If the amber light comes on while you are on the crossing then you must keep going.
  • Never reverse onto or over the level crossing.
  • Keep children with you at all times near a level crossing.
  • Keep dogs on a lead.

For information about the different types of level crossings and for educational resources available to download, visit Network Rail's website.

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