Countering the threat of terrorism remains a very important priority. We use an extensive range of tactics to keep the public and railway staff safe. If you see anything suspicious, call the Anti-terrorist hotline on 0800 789 321.

We constantly reassess the methods we use to combat the threat of terrorism.

We have an active security regime in place on the railways and the London Underground. Generally we disclose as little information as possible about how we plan to handle specific security matters, making it more difficult for terrorists to predict how we will react to threats.

Keeping the public safe

Our goal is to keep the public safe with the minimum amount of disruption to their journeys. The rail system is normally a very safe place. We use an extensive network of CCTV cameras, have dedicated police dealing specifically with the issues of terrorism, and we work closely with railway staff, briefing them continuously.

Rail staff know their environment and can quickly spot unusual activity or suspicious items. They have instant communication links and are trained to carry out contingency plans if needs be.

We also ask our passengers to remain vigilant. Over six million people travel every day, and their eyes and ears across the whole system provides a surveillance resource that is second to none.

Our officers are equipped to deal with a wide range of terrorist situations, including a chemical or biological threat.

Post 7/7

Since the 7 July suicide bomb attacks in London in 2005, which claimed 52 innocent lives, we have introduced a range of measures to guard against the lives of  passengers being affected by terrorism in the future:

  • In June 2014, an initiative called Operation Griffin ran for a week. The project was designed to increase awareness of security and counter terrorism policing in London. Thousands of staff from businesses across London were briefed about the ongoing threat from terrorism and what they can do to protect themselves, their business and London from it.
  • In December 2012 and January 2014 we took part in a special initiative designed to increase awareness of security and counter terrorism in London.
  • We've stepped up stop/searches to deter and disrupt possible terrorist activity.
  • We established a programme of community engagement and created a National Independent Advisory Group, where we could talk to community representatives, offering advice on our operations, our policies and how we handle critical incidents.
  • Our Special Branch work closely with regional Counter Terrorist Units all over the country. These units were set up by the Home Office in 2006 and involve both regional police forces and Security Service regional officers.
  • We have supported trials of passenger screening equipment, and have trained our officers in a new system of identifying suspicious behaviour in crowds.
  • Our Special Response Unit has received additional training. These specially trained and equipped officers respond to suspect packages and other potential terrorist incidents in London 24/7, minimising disruption to the system.