Report it to stop it

Tackling unwanted sexual behaviour on public transport


A victim of sexual assault on the London Underground spoke to us about her experience. Jessica Brady encouraged others to report their experiences after she waived her right to lifetime victim anonymity. The man who sexually assaulted her was jailed and added to the sex offenders register.

Report it to stop it is a campaign to encourage passengers to report unwanted sexual behaviour to the police.

Launched in April 2015, it follows the success of Project Guardian – a partnership between BTP, Transport for London (TfL), the Metropolitan Police and City of London Police – which began in 2013 and aimed to create a London transport network free from harassment.

Project Guardian was set up following a TfL safety and security survey which revealed that while 1 in 10 Londoners experience unwanted sexual behaviour on public transport, over 90 per cent did not report it to the police.

A similar initiative to tackle sexual offences on the public transport network in the West Midlands, called Project Empower, was also set up.

BTP aims to build on the success of Projects Guardian and Empower and extend awareness raising activity to the rest of the country with the Report it to stop it campaign.

The campaign aims to tackle under-reporting by raising awareness that people can and should report any behaviour that makes them feel uncomfortable and that police will take them seriously and take action.

Find out more and watch a video which asks you  to decide when you would ‘report it to stop it’.