Privacy Impact Assessment

We will consider and respect the privacy of individuals whenever it is proposed to amend or introduce new ways of using personal data.

Freedom of information


Carrying out a formal Data Protection Impact Assessment allows BTP to address the likely privacy impact whenever a new or amended use of personal data is proposed. The procedure is carried out in line with the Information Commissioner’s Office Code of Practice for conducting Privacy Impact Assessments/Data Protection Impact Assessments.

Public Awareness and Consultation

As part of BTP’s commitment to openness and transparency, any Data Protection Impact Assessments relating to uses of data that may impact on the general public will include a public consultation. This will allow any interested member of the public to provide comments or feedback on the proposal. BTP will publish any completed Data Protection Impact Assessment reports where a public interest or impact has been identified.

Open Consultations

Below are details of current public consultations. If you wish to contribute any comments, feedback or suggestions concerning the project, further information about the proposal and details of how you may contribute can be found within the linked document.

Project Further information Closing date of consultation



Previous Consultations

Details can be found below of previous public consultations carried out by BTP. Please note that these consultations are now closed.

Project Further information Closing date of consultation
 ANPR System Upgrade  Please send any comments to  26/08/2016

Published Data Protection Impact Assessment Reports

Details can be found below of Privacy Impact Assessment Reports that have been published by BTP.

Project Privacy impact assessment Date
Body Worn Video Please send any comments to 19/02/2018