British Transport Police Authority

British Transport Police Authority (BTPA) is an independent body that oversees the work we do and holds us to account on behalf of the railway community and the public.


Formed in 2004, the Authority ensures we remain efficient and effective. It works with train operators, staff and their passengers to make sure we deliver the best possible service.


BTPA appoints our Chief Constable and other senior staff, and handles any complaints that may arise against them.

Although it does not appoint any other officers or members of staff, BTPA is considered their employer.

Setting our budget  

We are funded by the train operating companies. The Authority negotiates payments from these companies and then sets our budget.

BTPA ensures train operators, their staff and passengers get the best value from British Transport Police.

Determining our targets

The Authority sets out the direction we will take. It decides our policing priorities and sets us targets so our performance can be measured.

BTPA announce these objectives, its strategic direction and how we have performed in a number of publications:

  • The Annual Policing Plan (links to BTPA website), containing our priorities for the year, and details on how our financial resources will be allocated. 
  • The Strategic Plan (links to BTPA website), which sets out medium-term and long-term strategies for how we will police the railways.
  • The Annual Reports, published after the end of each financial year.


For more information visit BTPA’s website