Our structure

In April 2014 we made the most radical changes to our policing structure in years. This is how we intend to provide more frontline officers to cope with the demands of an expanding railway industry.

Our structure

Every few years we are given a Strategic Plan by the British Transport Police Authority (BTPA) to set out expectations for the future of the Force. The 2013 plan set out “a period that will require unprecedented change in railway policing” to provide exceptional service quality at reduced costs.

The number of people using Britain’s railways is predicted to rise by 16-20% by 2019, so we’re expected to respond to an increase in demand for our services.

As a result, we have restructured from seven areas across Britain into three larger divisions. This new structure will deliver a more efficient Force, generating savings to reinvest in more police officers across the railway network.

Divisions and Subdivisions

Our divisions represent three geographic regions of railways around Britain, along with our Force Headquarters in London.

Force Headquarters (FHQ)

FHQ retains overall command of our activity and houses central departments and functions, including responsibility for resources such as forensics, CCTV and major investigations. The headquarters are in Camden Town, London.

B Division

London and the South East of England are vital areas of rail travel. It accounts for the majority of passenger journeys in Britain across East Anglia, the south coast and the capital, including London Underground and Docklands Light Railway. The B Division Commander is Chief Superintendent Martin Fry.

C Division

Pennine, Midlands, South West and Wales is the largest of the divisions, covering rail networks beyond the South East. It includes the policing of major transport hubs such as Birmingham, Leeds and Manchester. The C Division Commander is Chief Superintendent Allan Gregory.

D Division

Scotland is a unique division working under Scottish law and legislation that requires dedicated officers to police their railways. The D Division Commander is Chief Superintendent Eddie Wylie.


Division Map 2017

Map highlighting our police stations