Chief officers

Our chief officers make up our strategic command team. Together, they oversee every aspect of our force.

Chief Constable Paul Crowther, OBE


Chief Paul CrowtherPaul Crowther was appointed Chief Constable of BTP on 1 May 2014. Prior to this he was Deputy Chief Constable responsible for Professional Standards, Strategic Development and Media and Marketing. He was also responsible for the crime portfolio in his role as Assistant Chief Constable.

Paul has a crime and operations background and has been Incident Commander at several major train crash incidents including Hatfield. He was also the Senior Investigating Officer at the Potters Bar train crash in 2001.

In 2004 Paul was appointed as Area Commander responsible for policing the London Underground, and In 2005 he was BTP’s Tactical Commander for the terrorist attacks on the 7th and 21st July, leading BTP’s operational response.

Paul is the National Police Lead for three business areas – suicide prevention, metal theft and CCTV.

In the New Years Honours 2014 he was awarded an OBE, and has 34 years of service with BTP.


Deputy Chief Constable Adrian Hanstock

Deputy Chief Constable Adrian HanstockAdrian Hanstock was appointed Deputy Chief Constable of BTP in August 2014 and has been a chief police officer since 2011. He is an experienced leader in the fields of criminal investigation, transport and roads policing, crime and incident data integrity, risk management, organisational audit and standards. He is the national strategic lead for police use of stop and search powers.

Adrian has served in a number of areas of the country, from rural mining communities, in inner city areas and across London’s diverse boroughs. He led community and youth engagement following the riots in London in 2011 and commanded the transport policing operation for the London Olympic Games in 2012.


Assistant Chief Constable Mark Newton

Temporary Assistant Chief Constable Mark NewtonMark was appointed Assistant Chief Constable in April 2014 where his portfolio includes B Division and Crime. In May 2012, Mark was appointed T/ACC in charge of Corporate Resources and he has previously held the position of Chief Superintendent to the London Underground Area.

Since Mark joined BTP in 2001 he has also held a variety of investigative and operational roles both within the London Areas (pre-restructure) and FHQ.


Assistant Chief Constable Steve Thomas

Steve ThomasSteve heads up BTP’s Operations Department where he has responsibility for our English and Welsh Territorial Policing Areas, Response, Crime & Investigation, Intelligence, Counter Terrorism, Firearms, Dogs, Event Planning, Fatalities Management, Stop and Search and Suicide Prevention.

Steve joined BTP from Greater Manchester Police in 2007, to head up the London and 2012 Olympic Games portfolio, as well as being the Department for Transport Cross-Modal Lead for Transport Security for The Games.