Roll of Honour (WW2 and Korean War)

Our Roll of Honour pays tribute to our railway, dock and canal police officers who died during World War Two and the Korean War.

British Transport Police Roll of Honour (WW2)

Name Date of Death Rank Force Location
ANDERSON, John Winton                                          05/12/1943 DS LMS Euston                   
COLLIGAN George                    01/02/1944 PC LMS Glasgow Central
GOODMAN Stanley Edward 14/06/1940 PC LMS St Pancras
INNES James 03/09/1943 DC SR Waterloo
KING A.W   PC LMS Tilbury Riverside
MOORHOUSE Samuel Heber 24/04/1943 PC SR Waterloo
RENNISON Donald George    25/11/1941   LNER York
RIGBY Kenneth Craiglaw   03/08/1943 PC LMS Liverpool
SARGANT Eric Charles 13/10/1940 DC LMS Euston
SMITH Frederick William 25/05/1940 PC   Alexandra Dock
SMITH Robert William 29/04/1942   LNER York
TAYLOR Arthur John 17/04/1941 PC GWR Paddington
THOMPSON Edwin 19/11/1940 PS LMS Birmingham
TONG John            24/06/1943   LNER Hull
WOOD Charles Cecil 25/09/1940 SC   Camden


British Transport Police Roll of Honour (Korean War)

Date of death Rank Force Location
TRUMAN Kenneth        22/07/1951 PC BTC Chester