Crime history

We recall some of our most infamous cases.

Visit our rogues' gallery Visit our rogues' gallery ›

Meet some notorious transport criminals of the past in our rogues' gallery.

Great Gold Robbery Great Gold Robbery ›

Four men committed an audacious gold robbery in 1855.

Great Train Robbery Great Train Robbery ›

The Great Train Robbery is one of the most infamous crimes of all time.

Murder of Sarah Hart Murder of Sarah Hart ›

Sarah Hart was murdered in Slough by John Tawell in 1845.

First railway murder First railway murder ›

The first railway murder was committed by Franz Muller.

Murder of Issac Gold Murder of Issac Gold ›

Train passenger Issac Gold was murdered by Percy Lefroy in 1881.

Murder of PC Byrnes Murder of PC Byrnes ›

PC Byrnes was murdered by a rampaging group of men in 1885.


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