Justice department

Justice department

About us

Our Justice Department covers England, Scotland and Wales. We act as a central point of contact between BTP and other criminal justice agencies, including the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) and Her Majesty’s Courts & Tribunals Service. We support investigations through the criminal justice system while ensuring victims and witnesses are kept at the heart of everything we do.       

Our role

  • To be the single point of contact in BTP for justice-related matters.
  • To ensure victims and witnesses are given the highest level of care and support, including letting them know about any developments in their case as quickly as we can.
  • To support frontline officers in bringing offenders to justice.
  • To manage offenders, diverting them away from re-offending.
  • To provide legal advice and updates to our police officers, ensuring they are aware of, and comply with, the legislative requirements and best practice. 
  • To make the best use of digital technologies, ensuring an effective and efficient service is provided.

More information

Visit our Victims of crime page to find out more information about our promise and commitment to victims of crime, or about some of our work, such as running the Out of Court Disposal Independent Scrutiny Panel. 

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