RSAS process

Applicants must go through various processes. For more on the requirements on becoming RSAS menbers, please see our RSAS FAQs section.

BTP officer with TfL overground staff
  • Company registers an interest in applying for RSAS.
  • Representatives from prospective companies will meet with the NP & RSAS Coordinator to discuss the process.
  • The company applies and is reviewed by Police CPI Ltd.  Police CPI Ltd sends a report with their recommendations to BTP’s Chief Constable. Police CPI Ltd review is completed after the first year and again every 3 years.
  • The company submit their application for powers to the NP & RSAS Coordinator with supporting evidence to be submitted to the Chief Constable for approval.
  • If BTP’s Chief Constable grants approval of the requested powers then vetting forms are completed for the relevant staff to become accredited.  Vetting is NPPV Level 2 and processed by BTP’s Professional Standards Department (PSD).  Individual vetting is valid for 5 years but an annual self-declaration form is required. 
  • If an individual fails their vetting a review can be requested.  If the result is upheld then they cannot be accredited and if they were then their accreditation is withdrawn.
  • If individuals pass vetting, the company must then send them on RSAS training.  A copy of their training certificate and passport photo for ID should then be sent to the NP & RSAS Coordinator who will order the individuals ID cards and send them on to the company.  Powers cards are also produced and ordered ready to issue to the accredited individuals.
  • Successful operation of the scheme.  The NP & RSAS Coordinator will meet regularly with the TOC/Security Company, to ensure the effective running of the Scheme and close partnership working.