Benefits of RSAS

Our Railway Safety Accreditation Scheme (RSAS) helps us to build a safer and more secure rail network for both employees and passengers.

BTP PCSO with TfL staff
  • Recognition that companies involved in railway security meet standards of management, supervision and accountability.
  • Improved working relationships with all those involved in the provision of railway safety patrols, leading to the development of a more coordinated and effective service.
  • Accredited staff can address certain issues on the spot without BTP involvement.
  • The sharing of intelligence assist in all agencies working together to resolve localised problems and meet the needs of staff, officers and passengers.
  • Recognition of the aims of an organisation and the important role it plays in increasing passenger safety and reducing crime, disorder and anti-social behaviour.
  • Empowerment of employees, making it easier for them to do a good job and raising their profile within the railway community.
  • Increased confidence of employees, with high quality training including customer service, communication and conflict resolution techniques.
  • Recognition that the appearance, quality and training of employees meet a high standard.
  • Use of a nationally recognised insignia.
  • Improved career development for accredited persons with new skills and variety to their work.