Awareness days and community events

We regularly hold community events and awareness days so we can advise our passengers on how to stay safe and protect themselves as they use the railways.

Community events

These events give our officers the chance to build a stronger relationship with passengers and the general public, while also providing the opportunity to educate people about personal safety and crime prevention.

Our community events

Level crossing safety – events to highlight the importance of responsible behaviour while using a level crossing.

Personal safety – officers provide guidance about how passengers can best protect themselves and their property from pickpockets and thieves.

Reaction to local affairs – providing support and an increased profile around stations and on trains.

Bicycle surgery – the opportunity for officers to offer advice and information for cyclists about how best to secure a bike at a station, and how to mark it so we have the best chance of finding it if it is stolen.

Property marking – events to show passengers how they can mark and register their property in the event it is stolen or misplaced.

School liaison officers’ visits – our specialist officers visit schools to assist in educating children about the dangers associated with the railways.

Scrap metal awareness – to highlight the importance to scrap yard owners about sourcing materials responsibly.

Street briefings – Officers attend a station to provide passing passengers with information on crime statistics and gather local opinions and crime concerns.

For information about upcoming events in your area, find your nearest local policing team, or follow us on Twitter @btp